Facility Overview

In this building, there are rental spaces available for hourly or daily rental, long term rental spaces available for extended rental periods, and on days when the superintendent is present, a lounge that is open to the public.

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Workshop Room
Auditorium(Monty Dikson Hall)
Lecture Room

Rental spaces

(For use for a number of hours or an entire day)

Click on the room name. You can see the picture of the room.
Name Area(㎡) Capacity
Monty Dickson Hall 114 32
Meeting Room 1 31.7 8
Meeting Room 2 39.6 10
Multipurpose Room 1, 2 63.4(each)
Workshop Room 76.6 24
Tatami Room 1, 2 63.4(each) 15(each)
Lecture Room 63.4 30
  • Monty Dickson Hall is a lecture hall. There are speakers and a projector available.
  • The Workshop Room is appropriate for conducting various types of workshops. (Planned to be maintenance in the near future.)
  • Tatami Room 1 and 2 have tatami mat floors. They can also be used as lounges.

Long term rental spaces

Name Area(㎡) Capacity
Research Room 1 31.7 2
Research Room 2 35.0 2
Shared Research Room 95 5
  • The Research Room is a rental space intended for researchers staying for extended periods. Each lab can be used by two people.
  • The Shared Research Room is mainly intended as a cooperative laboratory for students and young researchers. It is hoped that those using this laboratory will share ideas and inspiration with each other. The room is rather large, and can be used by 7 people (5 for the time being).

Open space

Click on the room name. You can see the picture of the room.
Name Area(㎡) Capacity
Lounge 95
  • The Lounge is open to the public on days when the superintendent is present. Visitors can enjoy relaxing and talking in this room. Beverages are available from vending machines. No reservation is required for use.

Superintendent schedule

An open day in fiscal year 2018 is as follows.
Month Available Days
4/1 to 6/30 10/1 to 3/31 Sunday, Monday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, and
7/1 to 9/30 Everyday

※Those who would like to use the room on days when the superintendent is not present should inquire at the reception one month in advance.

※Closed from 12/31 to 1/3.